Miocardio Yoga™ is a program developed by Carmen Einhorn; a certified Holistic Yoga Therapy teacher and a certified teacher in Cardiac Yoga®; one of the pioneering programs in the field of Yoga in cardiac rehab, approved by medical doctors with specialization in cardiology, preventive medicine and health psychology around the country and by the University of Virginia Medical School.




Our ten-week program is one avenue for how to heal on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level through postures, stress management, gentle breathing and relaxation. We conduct our course at your facility and with flexibility.




To provide complementary health care and support to cardiac patients in an environment that supports physical, mental and emotional wellbeing within exisiting rehab services and to provide stress management and relaxation techniques as a means for reducing risk factors.





Stretching and Yoga Postures for the reduction of stress and to promote progressive wellbeing and flexibility. Breathing and Meditation techniques for decreasing mental and emotional tension and anxiety. Imagery, visualization in conjunction with deep relaxation to promote healing. Group support for improving compliance and motivation for lifestyle changes.



Classes also available for Spanish speakers.


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